Birthday Greeting Messages For Sister

Birthday greeting messages for sister are the messages that are sent to greet a sister on her birthday. These messages are sent and framed with the use of sweet words to be sent to the sister on her birthday. The messages can be sent by a brother to her sister or a sister to her sister.

Sample Birthday Messages For Sister

  • [blockquote]Dearest sister, I deeply value your care and the love that we share. On your birthday, I send you my greetings on your way. Have a rocking birthday and let us celebrate it in our own special way![/blockquote]
  • Sister, as you are turning a year older, you are growing much prettier. To me you will always be my sweetest little sis and your presence is what I always miss. Happy birthday to you and always remain honest and true.
  • You are my sister with whom I have enjoyed many moments together. Since today is your birthday, I am sending you my lovely presents and blessings on your way. Keep smiling and earn blessings. Happy birthday!
  • [blockquote]To me you are not just a sister but my true care taker. I love being with you and the fun moment spent with you. Your birth is bliss and I am glad to have you as my sis. Happy birthday1[/blockquote]

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