Birthday Greeting Messages For Son

Birthday greetings messages for son are the messages that are sent by a sender to his son to wish him on his birthday. These messages are sent by the parents to their son on his birthday to convey the blessings and warm wishes to him.

The messages are framed and sent with the feelings of love and affection for the son.

Sample Birthday Greeting Messages For Son

  • [blockquote]It was a moment of great pride and fun, when you were born my dearest son. From that day till today, we love you in a very special way. Happy Birthday![/blockquote]
  • As the morning sun rise, we were blessed with you with a great surprise. Your birth was a moment for us to cherish and so here is our wish. A very happy birthday to you dear son, hope you have the best of this day with joys, laughter and fun.
  • [blockquote]I am so glad to be called your dad. Your birthday bought much happiness on our way. You are my son, with whom I have shared my lovely moments of fun. Since it is your birthday today, I wish you a very happy birthday! May GOD bless you and you continue to remain this honest and true. [/blockquote]

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