Birthday Messages for Close Friend

Close friends are rare to find. For such friends, birthday messages are framed and sent. Such messages are called as birthday messages for close friends.

These messages are written beautifully and with lots of love to greet a close friend on his birthday. The messages might be sent along with a birthday present, a cake or a bunch of flowers.

Sample Birthday Messages for Close Friend

  • People with good luck and good deeds are destined to get a friend like you. I am blessed you were born and you became my close friend. Happy Birthday and May our friendship lasts for years.
  • [blockquote]On your birthday, I want to wish you in my own special way. I will send my wishes and greeting up in the cloud so that it reaches just to you on the ground. You are my closest friend and I never want to lose you. Happy birthday to you.[/blockquote]
  • I hope our friendship lasts forever because I need you. You are such a dear friend to me, so I love you. It is your birthday today and I am here to whisper Happy Birthday to you.
  • Hope your birthday be filled with all the happiest moments. Happy birthday friend.

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