Birthday Messages for Elder Sister

Birthday messages are exchanged amongst people to greet each other with a birthday wish. Birthday messages for elder sister are such messages that are sent by the sender to her elder sister to wish her “happy birthday.

Such messages must be written respectfully and joyfully to wish an elder sister on her birthday and convey your good wishes.

Sample Birthday Messages for Elder Sister

  • I have been blessed with the most beautiful, loving, caring and a supportive elder sister. Since this is a wonderful day, your birthday, [blockquote]I sincerely wish that may all your dreams come true. You have always been with me whenever I needed you, May your birthday greets you with surprises and happiness all through. A very happy birthday to you my loving sister.[/blockquote]
  • Having an elder sister like you by my side is like a blessing. I love the way you care and love me and you are the one who makes my days exciting. Since it is your birthday today, I am sending my wishes and love on your way. I wish to see you smiling always. Happy birthday my dear sister, celebrate you day with a cheer.
  • Your birthday is a day when I can thank GOD for gifting me such a caring, supportive and a loving elder sister like you. You have always guided and motivated me to turn my dreams true. On such a special day of your birthday, I wish that you stay happy and joyful all through. I am looking forward to see you. A very happy birthday to you my loving sister.
  • [blockquote]Your elderly guidance, support and love were what I was blessed with. Today is a beautiful day, your birthday. I love you sister, Happy Birthday. May GOD bless you always.[/blockquote]
  • Because you are my elder sister and some one very special, I have thought to celebrate your birthday differently. Happy Birthday to you and wait for a surprise tonight. Love you always!
  • Your birthday is a day that makes me realize why I love you so much and how important you are to me. I respect you whole heartedly and I can’t imagine my life without you. Thanks for taking a birth as my elder sister. Happy Birthday to you and May you be blessed with the everlasting happiness.
  • I am so grateful to GOD that I have an elder sister like you. Today is your day, Happy Birthday!

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