Birthday Messages for Nephew

If you want to be the coolest aunt or uncle that your nephew can ever have, you can definitely surprise him/her with a funky birthday card with nice message in it specially written for your nephew.

These types of messages can be sent as SMS, mail, card or a letter. Here are samples of birthday messages for nephew that can help you in this regard.

Sample Birthday Messages for Nephew

  • Your pictures take up more than fifty percent of what I have in my Facebook profile. This just shows how close we are how much I like you. Happy birthday, dear nephew.
  • From going to your school as your stand-in dad to talk to the principal to fighting with your football coach over you getting deliberately hit by a kid, we have come a long way – You and I. Many many happy returns on your birthday and I hope we can continue to be awesome this year too. Happy birthday dear nephew.
  • [blockquote]When you grow older, you will look back at your life and won’t be able to help but laugh at how immature and naive you were, how you used to get trouble at the silliest of things and how it was your uncle who had to save you at the end of the day. In the memory of those days, I wish you happy birthday.[/blockquote]
  • Although I still haven’t reached thirty, it is true I am getting older and more serious everyday but it’s you who keep me grounded and keep the child in me alive. You make my life more colorful than it should be, little one. Happy birthday to my dearest nephew.
  • I just want to tell you how lucky I am to have a nephew like you. You really bring so much to my life, that it’s hard to explain it in words. Happy Birthday dear nephew. May you stay forever, just the way you are!
  • I loved being hated by your parents! They who have spent so much time disciplining you cannot stand the sight of me pulling off pranks with you or teaching you a new naughty thing or two. Happy Birthday, dear and three cheers to our unbeatable camaraderie!
  • Although we are pretty cool with each other and we love each other a lot, I still can’t handle that heavy metal stuff that you listen to and I just can’t make you like Bach. Happy Birthday dear nephew and I hope things can change in that department this year.

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