Birthday Messages for Relatives

Relatives play a very important role in our lives. Birthday messages for relatives can mean sending your wishes to you aunt, include, nephew, grandmother, grandfather or anybody.

Such messages can be sent in the form of a text message. The tone of such messages will usually be in the form of warm wishes.

Sample Birthday Messages for Relatives

  • Sending birthday wishes to a person, who is no less than an angel from above. May this birthday be a special day for you in every way!
  • [blockquote]Happy birthday to our beloved daughter. May you be consecrated with all the good stuffs you deserve![/blockquote]
  • You’ve been a wonderful source of joy. I wish this birthday brings you the sweetest moments of your life. Happy birthday! Happy birthday aunt!
  • [blockquote]Birthday is the special way to make new decisions, to aspire for new goals, to pray for all dreams to come true and to do whatever your heart desires.[/blockquote]
  • Forever giving and never asking for anything in return. Forever loving, always forgiving that’s you grandpa. Happy birthday!
  • Wishing you the best of health and happiness. Happy birthday grandpa!
  • [blockquote]Dear Grandpa.. I know we don’t get time to spend with each other, but warm memories of time spent with you are always on my mind. Because you are so special and will always be! Happy birthday![/blockquote]
  • Granny, you are so special. Your love knows no bound. May your birthday brings you happiness in abound and you remain hale and hearty year around. Happy birthday Granny!
  • Time flies and we move away taking with us your blessings and missing you Grandmother. Happy birthday to you!
  • [blockquote]No matter what you do, may success be your friend. On a day as special as this, may your wishes come true dear nephew. Happy birthday![/blockquote]
  • I feel so nice to have someone like you in my life. Someone who has always been affectionate and kind. Someone who has never been out of reach. Happy birthday dear uncle!
  • You held my arm, when I was alone. You have gifted me with wonderful moments in life. A guide so dear, a father figure. Uncle, wish you a happy birthday!
  • The one who teaches us what’s right, what’s wrong. The one whose thoughtfulness makes the family ties strong. Wishing you my granny lots of cheerful days all life long!
  • You are the epitome of kindness and perfection, an embodiment of love and affection. I feel lucky I have a cousin as great as you are! Happy birthday to you!

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