Birthday Wishes Messages For Friends

A friend is needed in times when you are down as well when you want to celebrate something. True friendship is a relationship that exists without any expectation in return. A good friend will stay with you when all the rest have left. To wish a friend on his or her birthday you could express all that you feel in a simple statement of your feelings or as a witty observation of what surrounds you as two people and how the friend affects your life by just being there. Below given are some samples of birthday wishes messages for friends.

  • Your birthday is the perfect day to wish you all the luck of the world and remind you how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday friend!
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ] I wish you love, luck and laughter on your Birthday, May all your dreams come true and may there be a silver lining behind every dark cloud you see. Many, Many Happy Returns of the Day my friend![/notice]
  • Another year added? Fret not my friend. Believe in the fact that you and me can only get younger. Celebrate today towards our youth. Happy Birthday!
  • With all these candles lighting up the room who needed the lights? Here’s to saving electricity. Happy Birthday to my best friend!
  • We have played in the mud, we have danced in the rain, we have shared the dark clouds of doubt together my friend. Today on your birthday I wish for you the brightness of hope and the happiness of success in all that you do. God bless you!
  • I am lucky to have a friend like you who knows me so well, and accepts me the way I am with no judgment. God bless you my friend and keep you happy. May you get success in all that you do. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing a very special day for the most special person. Enjoy your day and have a blast. Don’t forget to include a place for me in the bookings for the dinner tonight. Happy birthday!
  • This day is special and so are you, my dear friend we all love you! Happy Birthday wishes my friend to the most lovable person on this earth.
  • [blockquote]Let us remember all the special times we have shared since the first day you said “you are my best friend” to me in that Grade 2 classroom. We have come a long way friend, and I want you to know that I am lucky I have you to share all my moments of joys and sorrows with. Many happy returns of the day![/blockquote]

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