Friendship Quotes for New Friends

When we walk towards the new phases of our lives, we tend to meet new people and make new friends. Sending thoughtful and emotional quotes to your new friends, out of the feeling of love and care towards them are called as friendship quotes for new friends. These quotes must be framed in such a manner that the true feelings of the sender are conveyed to the receiver. Below given are some samples of the quotes for reference.

Sample friendship quotes for new friends

  • I feel so great to have found a new friend like you. Since the day I have met you, I have known the true meaning of this bond of friendship from you. Thanks a lot for being so loyal and caring towards me, you are the best person to be.
  • Dear friend, it has just been few days that we have met and it feels as if I know you from years. This new bond of friendship that I have built with you will last forever. Moments spent with you are always filled with fun and cheer, I value this friendship dear.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Age and distance doesn’t matter in this bond of promise called as friendship. Since the day I have met a person like you, I have got to know the true meaning of this beautiful relationship. Since our bond is new, let us promise to each other that we will always remain honest and true, I feel lucky that I got to meet you.[/notice]

  • True and real friends are the rarest to be found. Dearest friend, I feel so positive and motivated when you are around. I would never consider this bond of friendship as the new one; I would do every effort to polish it for all the years that are yet to come. I love you dear friend.

[blockquote] It has just been few days that we have entered in this bond of friendship and it appears as if it has been years that we are a part of this relationship. In such a little time I have got to know everything about you, I love and adore everything in you. I value you dearest friend.[/blockquote]

  • Since this friendship is new, I want to let you know that friends like you are so few.  I want to nurture this bond all through. Dear friend, I really miss you. 

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