Funny Birthday Card Messages For Sister

Siblings share a very special bond – one that is filled with love and care for each other, and also with lots of fun and frolic. Be it for kids or adults, each one is fond of his or her sister and birthdays of sisters are thus very special occasions to celebrate. The occasion is such that it brings in a mood of fun and enjoyment, and messages conveyed in birthday cards for sisters portray the same.

Funny birthday card messages for sister are actually those that contain hilarious and witty notes one sends to the sister on her birthday. These messages are humorous by nature, but should be drafted with a little bit of care to make sure that all of it is positive and in no way hurts your sister. Herein we have mentioned a few samples of such messages.

Funny Birthday Card Messages For Sister :

  • Happy Birthday granny, soon-to-be. It’s high time you accept that birthdays really mean nothing but simply that you are aging. Have a great day sis.
  • [blockquote]Thank God it’s your birthday, else I would have had to put myself on sale this time to buy presents. You know I am ruined; please excuse the gift. Love is the greatest gift in this world. Happy birthday dear sister and lots of love, straight from the heart.[/blockquote]
  • Happy birthday my dear sister. I am so glad you turned a year older and more mature. I can finally get rid of having to take you to every stupid place and be your bodyguard.
  • Great times have come again; it’s time to celebrate for my little sister has finally come of age for marriage. Hope you get married off at the earliest and I can have the room all for myself and have mama looking after me only. Happy Birthday, by the way.
  • Do you even realize how old you are getting? You ask for books as presents and not those stupid dolls! Happy birthday and long life.
  • Happy birthday dearest sister. It’s great to see you growing wiser each passing day and may you have all the happiness in the world.

I hope you know who’s written the card!

  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]I really look forward to your birthdays for a number of reasons. Happy Birthday dear sister. Let’s seal a deal this special day – I will bring as many candles as you want and make everyone believe so is your real age, and you give me that gift I have been wanting for forever. A very happy birthday will this day be.[/notice]

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