Funny Birthday Messages for Mom

Mothers occupy a very important and—needless to say—special place in the lives of their children; having raised them, mothers leave a lasting impression on the personality of her kids. Funny birthday messages for mom are meant to make the mother smile and laugh on her very special day.

As the mother’s birthday is a special occasion, thus the funny messages should illustrate the son/daughter’s gratitude towards their mother with clarity.

They should be warm, kind and loving in tone with an element of sense of humour. Here are some funny birthday messages for a mom.

Funny Birthday Messages for Mom

  • A competition for best mom would have you indisputably coming out on top every time. Happy Birthday to the best mother in the world! Make it count.
  • [blockquote]This is no flattery but you look just as beautiful as you did ten years ago. It’s like you haven’t aged a single day! Thank you for being a wonderful mother—have an amazing birthday mom.[/blockquote]
  • Dad has no idea how unbelievably lucky he is to always have you by your side. Thank you for always being there mom and have a wonderful and magnificent birthday!
  • I remember you putting me to sleep at night quelling my fears about the darkness and monsters. I have to admit—I still think of you at least once before going off to sleep just to be sure that whatever’s festering under my bed doesn’t hurt me. Wishing you a joyous and wonderful birthday mom!
  • I swear mom that you don’t look a day over twenty five! I’m not kidding—it’s true. Wishing you a very happy birthday and that you may look just as beautiful forever and ever!
  • [blockquote]Happy Birthday dear mother! If it weren’t for you, I’d have never gotten through maths and algebra in school. Well, it’s true, but you’ve always held a very important position in my life and you know I can’t surmise it in words. Have a great birthday![/blockquote]
  • Well, you know with age comes wisdom and maturity and a detachment from material comforts. So don’t be too concerned with things like birthday gifts and presents. In all seriousness though, have a wonderful birthday mom.
  • [blockquote]I know you must be waiting for your birthday cake on your special day, but I do not want to bother my mom by taking pains to blow the candles so I did not get the cake. Wishing you happy birthday anyways.[/blockquote]

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