Funny Birthday Quotes for Boyfriend

There are many type of messages and quotes that are exchanged between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. One such type of quotes is the funny birthday quotes for boyfriend. These are the humorous birthday quotes that a girlfriend sends to her boyfriend on the day of his birthday. These quotes sent with the immense feelings of love for the boyfriend and are framed using funny words.

Sample Funny Birthday Quotes for Boyfriend

  • Dearest boyfriend, I have got a reason to disturb your budget and to bribe you for any kind of return gift. Just kidding, I am so happy that it is the birthday of someone whom I love. Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with eternal happiness from above.
  • Dearest darling, your birthday is just a nature’s way of telling me that I can have endless cakes and cookies. This day is indeed a special day for me because I got you in my life. Happy Birthday and I hope you liked my surprise.
  • I am not too sure what is wrong with your birthday but I am too sure that it is your parent’s fault. Just kidding, you are my dearest darling and I wanted to see you smiling. I love you dearest boyfriend, it is your birthday and we will party till the end. Happy Birthday!

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Dearest boyfriend, as you are ageing, I want to warn you to not forget the main pillars of our love that are kissing and hugging. I am just joking, I wanted to make this day exciting. Happy Birthday to the world’s best boyfriend, I love you.[/notice]

  • Dearest boyfriend, I realised that it is your 22nd birthday when I had to spend more on buying the number of candles than on spending on your birthday cake. Just kidding, wish you a blessed birthday. May the love between us forever stays and may the happiness comes your way.
  • Dearest darling, have you ever wondered how wonderful life would have been if we born at 80 and if we were then gradually moving towards 18. Wish you a joyous birthday. I have packed my love to be sent your way, may you stay happy and blessed always.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Since it is the birthday of someone whom I love, I want to tell you a secret of staying young – live honest, eat slow and always lie about your age. Happy Birthday![/notice]

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