Funny Birthday Quotes for Friends

Birthday quotes are sent to your friends to greet them on their birthday and to bless them for a happier future ahead. Funny birthday quotes for friends are the humorous birthday quotes that are sent to your friends to cheerfully wish them Happy Birthday and to entertain them with your funny note. These quotes can be sent as greeting card, letter, SMS and other means.

Sample Funny Birthday Quotes for Friends

  • Few years back, I met you and you looked young and smart. Now when I see you, you look like an old ugly fart. Just kidding, wishing you a blissful birthday. Please accept the birthday wishes that I have sent your way. Happy Birthday.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]The day you were born is one of the biggest mysteries. With your mischievous acts, I am sure that you are going to mark an unforgettable history. Just kidding, I wish that this birthday given you happy moments till eternity. Happy Birthday and May GOD bless you.[/notice]

  • Since it is your birthday today, do not worry about your age. It is so because the next year, you are going to be one year older. Happy Birthday and may you be surrounded with joys forever. GOD bless you and may your day be filled with happiness and cheer.
  • Since it is your birthday, you should not worry about your ageing. Let us not waste time and let us start celebrating. Wishing you a very happy and joyous birthday. May GOD bless you with happiness and blessings now and always.
  • Well, your birthday is so less important to be taken seriously. Come to us so that we can celebrate this day by being crazy. Dearest friend, wish you a very happy birthday and let us celebrate till the end. GOD bless you and may all your dreams come true.

[blockquote]Since I was so excited to wish you a happy birthday, I lost the track of time. Here I am wishing you a blissful day so that you could not say that I did not try. Happy birthday dearest friend, May GOD blesses you with eternal happiness and joys.[/blockquote]

  • I went to shop something for your birthday but I couldn’t find anything attractive. It is so because nothing is more attractive than me. I am the best gift that you can have for this day, wish you a very happy birthday.

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