Funny Flirty Birthday Messages

Funny flirty birthday messages are the messages that can be sent by a partner or simply a friend to someone on their birthday. Such messages are though sent with a naughty gesture, are special and are filled with lovely wishes!

These messages are sent in a way to impress the birthday person and make him or her happy! These messages are though said in a playful tone but they carry along immense love and care!

Sample funny flirty birthday messages

  • The best birthday wishes I can give you today are that you continue growing beautiful/handsome with each passing birthday! Happy Birthday beautiful!!
  • I want to celebrate the day today, not just because it’s your birthday but also because it is that special day when the world was gifted with the most adorable, loving and beautiful/handsome girl/guy like you! Happy birthday stay blessed!
  • I won’t gift you cake on your birthday! Neither will I gift you a dress nor will I make you smile with flowers! I will gift you myself, my love and my friendship for all your birthdays to come! Happy birthday dear!
  • Today when you will cut the cake and blow the candle, close your eyes and make a wish! I bet that even the angels of god will be bound to fulfil the wishes of the most innocent and beautiful soul on the earth! Happy birthday sweet heart! Have fun stay blessed!
  • On your birthday this time, let’s perform a perfect crime! You hold me in your arms and I will hold you in mine! Holding hands together we will dine! In the sunset on the beach and will celebrate with a perfect wine! Happy birthday darling! May god fulfil all your wishes and gives you all you want, including me!
  • No matter whatever I do, I can’t stop thinking about you! Just like the roses are red and sky is blue! My love, care and feelings for you are true! On your birthday I want to tell you that dear birthday boy/girl I Love You!
  • You dance so well! I hold so tight! The couple we make is oh so right! You even match perfectly to my height! With you I will have future so bright! Let’s fly high on the love sky. I will be your groom and will you be my bride! Happy Birthday! I gifted you with the marriage proposal, return me back with the gift of your acceptance! I love you!

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