Funny Ways to Say Birthday Wishes

Funny ways to say birthday wishes are easy to find, but you have to make sure that you don’t offend people.

Funny Ways to Say Birthday Wishes

Different languages

You might find it interesting to say “Happy Birthday” in different languages. In Spanish you should say “FelizCumpleanos”, in Italian it’s “BuonCumpleanno” and in French it’s “Bon Anniversaire” or “JoyeuxAnniversaire”.

Get Creative

You don’t necessarily have to wish a plain and simple happy birthday; you could also come up with something more creative like “Not only a year older, but also a year wiser” or something of the sort.

Funny Observations

When it comes to funny birthday wishes you may also think about funny observations, such as “Your birthday is the first day of a 365 days’ journey around the sun”. Another idea you might like is to say “Happy Xth trip around our Sun!

Write a line or Two

If you put your mind to it, for sure you will be able to come up with some funny messages, such as “Happy Birthday, You have a different look today, Maybe more mature in some way”. You can be sure that your sense of humor will be appreciated.

Coordinate with the Gift

In case you are looking for ways to say happy birthday that are funny think about offering the birthday girl/boy some kind of toy and tell them “It’s your birthday and I wish you a lot of joy, maybe you’re old, but I bought you a toy”.


If you are sure that the other’s won’t mind, you may say “Congratulations for surviving this year!”. Another idea is to say “Congratulations for living to get (the age of the person in question)!

Play with Numbers

You don’t have to make people feel old. You can play with the numbers as say “You’re not 35; you’re 18 with 17 years of experience”. The good thing about this line is that you can use it no matter what the age of the person in question is.

Middle Age

The people getting close to the middle age often experience pain and aches. This is something you might play with regarding the interesting ways to wish happy birthday. You can say something like “Another year, another body part that hurts”.


[blockquote]It is common for old people to lose their teeth, so you should tell the birthday girl/boy to smile while they still have them.[/blockquote]


The people interested in funny ways to say happy birthday might think about playing with words. For instance, instead of spelling “Happy birthday”, spell it like “drippy haybath”. There are some other combinations as well that you can find.

Get Witty

To say something nice and sarcastic in the same time, you might think of something like ”How could I remember your birthday, if you don’t seem to be getting any older? Happy Birthday!” It is best not to be only witty, but nice as well to achieve the funny ways to say birthday wishes that you want. These are the wishes that people will remember even after years.

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