Funny Whatsapp Birthday Messages

WhatsApp is increasingly becoming the most popular instant messaging platform in the world and is one place that can be used to send and receive any type of messages on any occasion. Wishing someone birthday through a WhatsApp message is also a very common way to send wishes.

Funny WhatsApp birthday messages are those kinds of messages which a person writes to wish another on his/her birthday and in a funny way. A few samples and examples of such messages are given below for your reference.

Sample Funny Whatsapp Birthday Messages:

  • It is the birthday of that person who even makes the devil look stupid. Happy birthday dear little brother. May you and your devilish side live long. God bless you.
  • Wishing a very happy birthday to the most idiotic and stupid person that I know. I hope you live long but I also do hope that your idiotic nature dies today itself. Enjoy your day and have a blast.
  • On the 17th birthday of my daughter, I would like to tell her that she may think her days of youth have begun but in reality, her days of household duties have started. Welcome to adulthood my dear. A very happy birthday to you.
  • Wishing a very happy and joyous birthday to my best friend. May you get drunk, may you meet a girl and may you have a blast dude.
  • It is that day of the year when we all party like mad, dance like crazy and celebrate your big today together. Happy birthday buddy! Enjoy yourself and have a great year ahead.
  • While most people think that a birthday is a special occasion, I truly believe that it is a reminder of us getting older. Nevertheless, enjoy the day and have a very happy birthday. Ha-ha.
  • Happy birthday to one person whose stupidity only increases with age. Happy Birthday John and May you get a little mature this year.
  • Your birthday is the most memorable day of every year as it includes a mad and crazy party, a lot of fun and some really funny friends of yours. Have a blast brother. Happy birthday to you.
  • Happy birthday to dear Jack, hope this year you are a little bit less of a crack. Have fun dear.
  • May you make a birthday wish to god to let you behave a little well this year. Happy Birthday my dear cousin sister.

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