Humorous Birthday Messages

Humorous birthday messages are messages that make a birthday cheerful and make the person feel happy. These messages are funny and bring a smile to the face of the birthday boy.

Sample Humorous Birthday Messages

  • As you grow older, you become wiser, so make the best use of your brain to work and figure out the fact that there is no gift for you.
  • Two tips that I would like to give on your birthday:
    1) you won’t be able to change the past so forget it.
    2) And I also did not get a present, so forget that too
  • Some words of intelligence on your birthday, “Smile while you have your teeth as you never know when you will lose it!”
  • Happy Birthday you old pot bellied grump.
  • I did not get you a gift, so stop guessing it.
  • One more year, one more body part that will ache.
  • [blockquote]Another year of your life has been wasted. Happy Birthday my dear !!![/blockquote]
  • I have informed the fire department, so you can now go ahead and light the candles.
  • Don’t worry about looking aged as age is like wine in a bottle. It improves as you grow older.
  • I wanted to give you the best birthday gift and then I realized that the best birthday gift for you would be blessings and love and so I did not purchase any gift.
  • Think young, even if your body does not look so. Happy Birthday.
  • Where is the party, want all birthday wishes any treat? Waiting for your call, Happy Birthday buddy!!

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