Love Birthday Messages

Love Birthday messages are the messages written for your loved ones to merrily deliver a birthday wish.  These messages must be moulded in a form which is abounded by love and care and be conveyed heartily with tenderness and sweet gifts such as a teddy, candies, chocolates, flowers etc.

Sample Love Birthday Messages

  • A very happy birthday to you, my dear love and please accept loads of love from me as your birthday gift. I pray that you live for another hundred to celebrate birthdays like this.
  • It is your birthday so it is also a very special day for me. I love you a lot darling and would like to wish you many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday!
  • Your birthday is a special occasion not only in your life but also in my life as you are the most special person for me. A very happy birthday to you my dear love!
  • Happy birthday to you, my soul mate! I love you and promise to be with you forever.
  • Wishing a very happy birthday my love. Sending you loads of love and best wishes on your special day.
  • This message is coming straight from my heart to wish happy birthday to the love of my life.
  • These special birthday wishes are for the most special person in my life. Wish you a very happy birthday my sweetheart. You mean my world to me.
  • Your birthday is really special for me and thus I am sending you tons of love and kisses on your way. Happy birthday my love.
  • Every moment is magnificent when spent with you, every day is complete when am with you. A very happy Birthday to you my love.
  • [blockquote]I think we are not made for each other, but the truth is we are not made for anyone else, except each other. We are tailored for love and hence I wish for a happy life together. Happy Birthday Love![/blockquote]
  • My days are meaningless without you. Here I come to whisper in your ear a one more year of love and togetherness. A very happy Birthday dear soul mate!
  • [blockquote]You are the one whom I always needed. Thanks for being born as my lover, my partner and my other half. Wish to celebrate many more birthdays with you. Happy Birthday to you love.[/blockquote]
  • GOD knew that I wanted someone like you. So he took time and made you mine. Wish you a very happy birthday dear. May GOD bless us with many such good years ahead.

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