Naughty Birthday Messages

Birthday messages are a very special way to say that you care and that your near and dear ones are very fondly remembered. And while wishing your friends and family you can be creative by sending naughty birthday messages.

Incorporate simple fun words into your message and see how much fun your dear ones will have while reading them.

Sample Naughty Birthday Messages

  • Too bad your birthday only comes once a year! Happy birthday dear!
  • Happy birthday! You are a year older naturally!
  • You are never too old to mouse around! Happy Birthday!
  • Good thing people don’t age as fast as other thing. I am glad you are a human otherwise you will be dead by now. Happy birthday my dear friend!
  • Age is only a number that’s what they say; if yours was my salary I’d love my payday! Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations you survived another year! Happy birthday!
  • When you are all horned up and trying to hook up online. Remember my dear friend you are not 21! Happy birthday!
  • I’m not afraid of terrorist, socialists, immigrants. I’m afraid you’re another year older! Happy birthday!
  • For your birthday this year take a break, relax, rest your bones, and put your teeth in a jar! Happy birthday!
  • I wish you to be thinner than all my friends! Happy birthday my friend!
  • Happy birthday my dear you are looking beautiful except for the wrinkles behind!
  • A massive happy birthday to you hope yours is as memorable!
  • I was thinking about to give an iron box as a birthday gift to iron the wrinkles that I saw in your face! Happy birthday!
  • I had been waiting for this day forever. I know you will give us a special treat this year. Happy birthday, prepare hard and make all the arrangements. We are thinking of you as we come your way.
  • [blockquote]It’s time to rise and shine, and see the world that’s waiting by. Try to think good and stay clear. Of naughty girls far and near. Happy birthday buddy,[/blockquote]
  • I am not drinking as I speak. I am not a pimp as you think. Grab a girl, and make your life. For you are getting old, as years go by. Have plenty of fun on your birthday.
  • The secret to stay young is to have plenty of naughty fun, eats lots of food, and lie about your age. Have a happy birthday, enjoy your 50.
  • [blockquote]I respect old hairs, especially yours. Lives are long and I know that you have experienced the worst. I have put together some very fun ideas for your birthday. As I pity your dull days. So get out, and try to live on your birthday. Happy birthday, naughty hugs to you.[/blockquote]
  • Try to increase the volume on your years, as I say happy birthday. Have I made myself heard?

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