Nice Birthday Messages for Kids

For Kids, birthday is the time to play, enjoy and have fun with friends and loved ones. In order to send good wishes on the birthday of kids, one can send nice birthday messages for kids through cards, letters or text messages. These messages must be framed in such a manner so that they can be easily understood by the kids and is able to convey the wishes.

Sample Nice Birthday Messages for Kids

  • On your birthday my son, I wish to let you know that you are loved too much and may this day have a special touch. Wish you a fun filled birthday.
  • To the cutest kid in this world, this message is coming specially to wish him smiles, happiness and fun all through life. Happy Birthday.
  • Since it’s your birthday, let’s all party and enjoy. Have a great birthday.
  • Get ready to blow the 5 candles on your cake, this is a special birthday wish with lots of kiss.
  • May you have a great day and a great dear ahead. May all your wishes come true. Wish you a very happy birthday.
  • Cake, candles, balloons, frills and toys are there for your birthday. Wishing you lots and lots of love and hugs on your birthday, Happy birthday.
  • This special birthday wish is for the smartest kid to wish him loads of love and happiness.
  • To my little doll on her birthday, this special wish is coming straight from my heart. Wish you a very happy birthday.
  • It’s time for party, time for cake and lots of lovely gifts. Enjoy your day and lots of love. A very happy birthday to you dear son.
  • Tie your hair and get ready for musical chair, have fun and enjoy the games. Lots of love on this special day of your birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the angel. It’s your special day so have fun and enjoy.
  • Your birthday is here and we wish you loads of happiness and fun not only this day but forever. Happy birthday dear.
  • Kids are the gifts sent from the God above. Thanks for being there in my life my child. Wish you a very happy birthday.
  • It’s time to rock and cheer, because it’s the birthday of my dear. Wishing you with lots of love, you are a blessing for me sent from the God above. 

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