Romantic Birthday Greeting Card Messages

Romantic birthday greeting card messages are those types of messages which are meant to wish someone on his/her birthday through a greeting card. These messages have a romantic tone and are exchanged between lovers or couples. A few examples are provided below

Sample Romantic Birthday Greeting Card Messages


  • Every day rises to the vibrant sun and I rise to you, your beautiful smile, your glowing face and your lovely eyes. I love you baby, you are great and amazing and just beautiful. Happy Birthday love.
  • You are the one who makes my life complete, you are the one who gives true meaning to my existence here, you are the one who makes my heart stop, you are the one who makes every breath I take  worthwhile. On this day I would like to wish you a very, very happy birthday my dear lovely wife.
  • It is here with you that I find the greatest joys of my life; it is here in your arms that I am at my worry free self, it is here by your side that I fulfil the purpose of my life; it is here with you that I find the true meaning of the word- love. I love you baby, a very Happy Birthday to you.
  • I have been so lucky to have met you and to have fallen in love with you. It seems so natural for me to be with you that I just can’t imagine a life where we’d not love each other, it just doesn’t seem right to happen. Happy Birthday babe and May we be blessed with all the time in the world together.
  • They say life is a gamble; well I definitely hit the jackpot in life when I got you as my life partner. I could not have asked for anyone as amazing and as genuine as you. Birthday wishes to my lovely wife, baby I love from the bottom of my heart.
  • A very, very Happy Birthday to my special person, you give me happiness and joy beyond what I ever expected to be blessed with. Loads of love and loads of best wishes to you baby, on your special day.
  • You were so great when I met you that I fell in love with you without even knowing it, yeah you were that amazing. But you have only gotten more loving, more seasoned and more caring with time. Happy Birthday hubby, you are the best.
  • Thank you babe for always being by my side, for being with me through the good and the bad. I wish that our relationship stays strong and lasts for beyond eternity. Happy Birthday- with loads of love.


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