Romantic Birthday Sms Messages

Birthday messages are sent to your near and dear ones to greet them with a Happy Birthday wish and to bless him or her for a joyous life. These messages when are framed romantically and are exchanged between the couples and the lovers are called as birthday sms messages. These messages are sent as the SMS messages through mobile phones and expresses sender’s passionate love for the reader on his or her birthday.

Sample Romantic Birthday Sms Messages

  • I would like to wish Happy Birthday to the person without whom my life is incomplete. You are the best person in the world and I love you to the extremes. Happy Birthday.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]On your Birthday, I have thought to plan a passionate date with you. You and I and I will love you all through. I would let you know how special you are to me; I would make you the happiest person to be. Happy Birthday dear, I love you.[/notice]

  • I am sure that your birthday wouldn’t be complete without my lovely wishes. I am sure that this day would appear to be incomplete without my loving kisses. I so much love you dear; wish you all the best for your future. Happy Birthday!
  • I want to kiss you here, I want to kiss you there, and I want to deliver my good luck wishes on your birthday for a merrier future. May all your dreams come true, a very happy birthday to you. I love you.
  • A small message from me to you will let you know how deeply I love you. Since it is the birthday of the most special person of my life, I have planned for many romantic surprises. I love you a lot dear; we will celebrate your birthday with a great cheer. Stay blessed.
  • In a candle light, I will grab you by your waist and will hold you so tight. Since it is your birthday time, I will add glitters to the day and would make you shine. Let us open a bottle of wine and celebrate your birthday in a romantic style. Happy Birthday dear.

[blockquote]On your birthday, I want to greet you with the warmth of my gentle touch. That would remind you that I love you very much. I have sent this greeting packed with a gentle kiss, being with you is surely a moment of bliss. Happy Birthday![/blockquote]

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