Spiritual Birthday Messages for Mom

Mothers occupy a special place in the lives of their children and invariably most of the mothers are very spiritual from the core of the heart. Thus, spiritual birthday messages for mom should be gratifying, wishful and also at the same time should contain a spiritual note.

A mother’s birthday is a special occasion thus the messages should also have special twists with spiritual or philosophical connotation. These messages should also carry a warm, kind and loving \tone. Here are some spiritual birthday messages for a mom.

Spiritual Birthday Messages for Mom

  • [blockquote]Thank you for being there, mom. I can’t quite possibly explain in words just how much you’ve meant to me and how much you’ve inspired me; I wish earnestly God gives you all the happiness and satisfaction in your coming life. [/blockquote]Have a great birthday.
  • Although I don’t get enough of a chance to see you these days, I’m still grateful to God for the fact that I have such a kind and brilliant mother like you. Thank you for bringing me up mom and shaping me up to be the person I am today. Happy Birthday—have a great one.
  • Just like God has created the universe, He has given a special significance while creating mothers, as the world would see HIM through mothers – I hope now you can understand your importance in my life. Wish you a memorable birthday experience.
  • [blockquote]For all the success I’ve had today, I’ve got only you to thank for. I know God must have given me all the luck, but it’s you who made me lucky actually. I wish you all the happiness on this joyous occasion of your birthday.[/blockquote]
  • People pray to God for all the strength, but I get all of it from you mother. You are my source of inspiration and courage. Thank you mom and hope you have a very special and memorable birthday.
  • It’s been long since I saw you and I don’t say this often but you’ll always occupy a very special place in life—one that can’t be replaced. May the Lord bless you with many more healthy and happy years! Hope you have an amazing birthday.
  • For showering me with kindness and guiding my way from childhood to that of an adult, I can never quite possibly thank you. God bestowed all his love and concern on me as I got you. I thank HIM for his blessings in your form and also for all those years, you’ve showered love, kindness and wisdom upon me. Happy Birthday mom!

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