Boxing Day Messages to Colleagues

Boxing Day is an occasion of happiness and joy all across the globe. This day marks the ending of Christmas and the countdown begun to the New Year.

On 26th December each year, boxing day is celebrated with a lot of love and joy. Sometimes we think of wishing our colleagues good luck, but don’t find the appropriate time to do so.

So you can take Boxing Day to be the perfect occasion to wish your colleague through Boxing Day messages.

Sample Boxing Day Messages to Colleagues:

  • [blockquote]Hey dear friend, wish you a great and happy boxing day. Let me also tell you today that without your help and assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to shape my career the way it is. Thanks and god bless you.[/blockquote]
  • Thanks for being the support system for me at the work place. I have learnt so much from you that I wonder what I would have done if you were not there. Have a great boxing day and a wonderful new year .
  • [blockquote]Boxing Day is the perfect time to enjoy at home and relax after the festivities of Christmas, so I want to wish you a very happy boxing day. I also would like to wish you a good future and career ahead. May we continue working with each other till destiny permits.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]To all those wonderful times we have spent together working on projects, here’s a wish that we continue doing so again in the future. Hope you had a good Christmas and wish you a happy boxing day and an even better new year ahead.[/blockquote]

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