Funny Break Up SMS Messages

Funny break up SMS messages are those types of messages which are written by someone to break up from his/her friend or partner by the means of an SMS. These messages are supposed to be funny in nature and hence they must be written with a light and funny undertone.

Funny break up SMS messages must be kept as brief as possible and should not take a length of more than 2-3 lines. These messages should also be to the point. The following are a few samples of funny break up SMS messages that anyone can refer to for help.

Sample Funny Break Up SMS Messages

  • [blockquote]You and I have been in a pretty meaningless relationship for 6 months now and I think we both will be happy without the annoying presence of each other. So let’s break up and make each other happy.[/blockquote]
  • I know I have been a pain for you and want to break up with you to grant you some peace of mind. Bless me for helping you and have a great life.
  • [blockquote]You surely deserve a boyfriend who is a little less irritating, cleaner and definitely more romantic. So I am letting you go and break up with me. Have fun.[/blockquote]
  • Today is your lucky day as I am announcing the fact that I wish to break up from you. I know you are more than happy to hear this great news as you always disliked your boring and dull boyfriend. Enjoy your life.
  • May god grant you some peace of mind and some happiness now that I walk away from your life. Hope you hook up with some better looking boyfriends and have some real fun in life.
  • Turning partners from friends was not such a great idea and you were a terrible girlfriend, to say the least. So let’s stop pretending that we have romantic feelings for each other and get back to being best buddies.
  • [blockquote]Who are we kidding when we say that we are in a happy relationship? Let’s stop lying to the world and to each other and break up from this mess that we have created in our lives.[/blockquote]
  • Here’s your formal notification of breakup from this relationship. Consider yourself free from me and this love affair that we had for a little while. May god bless you with a great life and happy days.

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