Bad Break up Text Messages

Bad break up text messages are the types of messages which are written by an individual with the aim of breaking up with his/her partner or lover by the means of a text message.

These messages are generally nasty in nature and hence are termed as bad break up text messages.

Any bad break up text message must not be very lengthy or detailed and should effectively serve the purpose of breaking up. The following are a few samples of bad break up text messages which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Bad Break up Text Messages

  • [blockquote]I think I have had enough of your bad behavior and cannot be your boyfriend any longer. You have treated me really badly and I think I don’t have any feelings for you. Bye forever.[/blockquote]
  • Please don’t ever show me your face again in life because I am extremely hurt by you and your behavior. You should learn how to act with girls. I am breaking up with you right at this moment. Good luck and goodbye.
  • [blockquote]I never expected you to treat me the way you did. I am so hurt and disturbed that I have decided to put an end to this misery.[/blockquote]
  • From this moment onwards, I am quitting this relationship and would never even want to keep in touch with you. You have been terrible with me and I cannot forget the way you hurt me the other day.
  • I entered this relationship thinking that I love you and you care for me. But not one day has passed since then that I didn’t cry or argue or fight with you. It is best that we end this fake relation and move on our individual directions.
  • [blockquote]Life with you is like living in hell. You hurt me, treat me badly, don’t respect me and insult me all the time. I want to break up with you and this is what I am doing at the moment. Bye and don’t ever try to contact me again.[/blockquote]
  • Nobody has spoken to me the way you did the other day. I cannot tolerate bad behavior and being your GF, I expected to be treated in a nicer way. I guess this is the end of this relationship.
  • I hate you for all that you did to me during the 7 months of our relationship. I am breaking up with you.

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