Best Break up Messages

Breaking up with your partner is always difficult. It becomes even more so because of the fact that you might not be willing to hurt the other person.

Sometimes relationships grow sour and no other option is left. Best break up messages can help you say it without causing a magnanimous amount of emotional distress to the partner.

Sample Best Break up Messages

  • When I reminisced through all the moments we have spent, I found we have caused each other more pain than we deserved. This has increased greatly in the past few months. It seems that our love is lost. It is better if our ways separate now.
  • [blockquote]During the last month, I have become increasingly close to another man. If I continue with my relationship with you, then that would mean cheating on both of you. I would definitely not want that. Let us break up to avoid further problems.[/blockquote]
  • I compromised and adjusted a lot for you. But it seems to me that not only are you able to appreciate that, you have that much courage to order me around. This relationship is definitely not working for us.
  • I do not feel that we would be able to maintain a long distance relationship. For the past few months we both have tried enough. But it simply is not working, so let’s call it quits.
  • You have been the most important person in my life. But I realize you did not feel the same way about me. We are not really meant to be together.

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