Break Up Answering Machine Messages

Break up answering machine messages are the messages that are heard on the answering machine of the person who has faced a break up in his life.

These messages are the recorded messages on the telephones, mobile phones or any such answering machines. Such messages are heard when a caller tries to call the person who has set a break up message on his answering machine.

Sample Break Up Answering Machine Messages

  • The person you are trying to call is far away because he has faced a break away. Leave a message after the beep and you will be contacted after a while.
  • [blockquote]The person whom you have contacted is deeply sorrowful. His relationship has been broken which was so beautiful. Please try again later or leave your messages after the beep.[/blockquote]
  • You can leave your messages after the beep as the person whom you are trying to contact is all broken and he is on his sleep. Do not disturb as he has encountered a break up.
  • The person whom you have called is away from the world, sipping his own cup. It is because he has recently broken up. You can leave your messages after the beep. 

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