Break Up Away Messages

Break up is a very harsh ordeal of a person’s life and more so when the partner has moved away to a different place. Sending kind and heart warming messages to your lost love helps to heal the wound of heart break from both ends.

Hence break up away messages should be framed confessing the heartfelt feelings for the lost love.

Sample Break Up Away Messages

  • [blockquote]I know that we are no longer together but that doesn’t mean I don’t remember you. Now that I am away and we aren’t together I miss you even more. [/blockquote]However it’s best to recall the happy times together and move on in life.
  • Being away doesn’t mean that you do not enter my thoughts. I miss us each day. I hope that even after the break up we remember each other fondly.
  • [blockquote]I still remember the countless number of times we spent together and the innumerable calls we made to each other. Now that we are apart and I am away, I hope you move on and hold no resentments. You shall always be special.[/blockquote]
  • Being away reminds me of the numerous lovely moments that we had when we were a couple. Now that I no longer am near you, I hope you too shall remember me by the happiness we had shared.
  • I know that this break up has been harsh on you and believe me it was the same for me too. I remember you each day, now that I am far away. I hope we both move on happily.

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