Break UP Facebook Images//Bumper Stickers, Messages

Love is a beautiful thing; but it can be painful when you realize that the person you so dearly loved have moved on. That is when you have to face reality and breakup with them. But just because there is love lost does not mean that you have to get into mud-slinging. You can do it the classy way. Send a text message to that person and in your own poetic way tell them that you have decided to end it before things get sour.

But if you are in a mood to go a little public about the way our beloved has hurt you, try the social media. There is nothing better than a Facebook message that will clearly state the condition of your mind and heart. You can also use a picture to show the pain you have felt for loving that person so dearly and how he/she has hurt you. You can take a level up and use your car to show the pain you have been through after the heartbreak. Use the bumper stickers that are available and paste it on your car. The person concerned will surely not miss the huge hint that you have dropped. No names required; just the message will do.

Given below are several Break-up Facebook messages with images and bumper stickers that you could use.

Break Up Messages:

Break Up Messages

Breakup for Love:

Break up for Love


Break Up Image for Love:

Break Up Img for Love

Break Up:

Break up


Breakup Message Image:



Breakup image:



Beak UP:



Forever Miss U:

forever miss u


Good Bye !

good bye !


GoodBye Forever:


Broken Up:

Broken Up


GoodBye Friend:


goodbye Friend

GoodBye Image:


I Miss U:

i miss uu

I Really Love U:

I Really Love u

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