Break Up Forward Text Messages

Break up forward text messages are the SMS or text messages that can be used by two or more person by forwarding or passing it at the time of a break up of a relationship.

These types of messages are written when a person wish to end his/her relationship with another person.

Sample Break up Forward Text Messages

  • We have been trying and trying to “hold on” each other. But the time has come to “let go” forever!
  • I never knew I would face a day when falling in love with you would result in falling out of love!
  • I know in reality we can never be together. So, I close my eyes and beg of you to leave me forever.
  • [blockquote]I loved you endlessly from the very start, but your endless lies have made me apart! Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • My heart skipped a beat whenever I looked you. But I think it wasn’t worthy cause now I hate you. Goodbye forever!
  • This break up message intensifies my pain to think did we ever make up? The answer is no, because the love that has an end was never given a start! Have a happy life. Bye!

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