Break Up Messages for Her

Break up messages for her are the messages that a sender sends to a female counterpart at the time of breaking up of a relationship, be it a love relationship, friendship etc.

Such messages are usually framed and sent in a polite and an emotional manner to be sent to a female, but can also be sent in a tone of anger. In both the cases, the purpose of the messages is to convey breakup.

Sample Break Up Messages for Her

  • [blockquote]When I held your hand for the first time, I thought we would forever shine. Now when you have left me, I have nothing left in me. Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • Dearest beautiful angel, though we have broke up, keep in mind that the love will never die between us. Each moment spent with you was a magical one, being with you was always a great fun. Goodbye!
  • I deeply cherish and remember each and every moment that I spent with you. Without you I really have nothing to do. You truly were the most beautiful girl I ever met; please forgive me for one last time, without any regrets.
  • Hey girl, I won’t really miss you. I will miss what I thought you to. Get lost.

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