Break Up Messages for Him

Break up messages are sent by the sender to a person at the time of breaking up of a relationship. Break up messages for him are the messages that a sender sends to a male reader before or after the breakup.

These messages are usually the sad break up messages and are sent with the feelings of love or hate, anger or anxiety etc.

Sample Break Up Messages for Him

  • Breaking up with you was the best decision of my life. Atleast I saved my future life by not being your wife. I hate you!
  • [blockquote]You are the most heartless, mean and insensitive boy I have ever met. You always want everything and nothing you can really get. I hate you![/blockquote]
  • I really get emotional, feeling that you are not around. Well, I think that this feeling is better off called as my new happiness. Get lost.
  • If a guy cannot stay loyal to a girl, he can do nothing in his life. I am happy for the decision that I have taken to get rid of you in my life.
  • You hurt me now, your hurt me every day. I am really left with nothing to say. I can’t cry all the days, breaking up is an only option left my way. I hate you!

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