Break Up Messages That Leave Deep Scars

Break up messages are sent to lovers usually when one person realizes there is nothing left worth fighting and living for. If you think that your relationship has gone sour or dreadful secrets reveal and everything seems to be crumbling down and you just let the destruction of nature flow as you no longer care what happens in the future for there is no longer a future to look forward for, then this article will help you compose your hearts suicide note before it momentarily dies.

Sample breakup messages can be found below which you may use for free should you decide to put an end to a toxic relationship you are in. Choosing the most fitting breakup messages below is suggested so that it would not seem the person you’re breaking up to that you are no longer happy in the relationship and decisive enough to finally call it off. Actions like rephrasing and rewording can be done at your leisure. If you wish to compose your own then there is a need for you to be wary when it comes to choosing the appropriate words to set the right tone. The tone should be serious, sincere, and a little regretful.

  • Spending a decade with you has been a whole lot fun. I just realized how a roller coaster ride can be filled with so much fun despite the sharp downs that are inevitable throughout the journey for sometimes it literally takes some downs for everyone to enjoy a roller coaster. I don’t know what seems to be happening lately but I can no longer feel the ups in this relationship and, of course, no one would be happy to just ride a roller coaster when it’s direction is just pointing south for it may end tragically. I have no idea what is really happening between us. Maybe I am right about thinking that this roller coaster ride would end tragically or this may be the end of our roller coaster ride together.


  • Dearest, lover, I have been deeply hurt about your actions. You have both manipulated me ad my best friend believing that we are the luckiest girl alive for you are the guy who we have invested our hearts into. It really is painful to me when I saw her in your embrace at the same time happy for I have never seen my best friend that happy. I hope she is completely oblivious about us dating for I don’t want her hurt. You could have told me about the situation for you swore to me long before I decided to become your girlfriend that you will never hurt me. Well, now I’m hurt and I don’t think I have ever been acquainted with such an extreme grief as this. May you never do this again and be contented with my best friend.


  • Somethings do not last even people fight for it. When it is destined to wither then we should not be against the fate for it is what brought us the things we love– or once loved. I have this feeling about the impending end between us. We are only a petty fight away and just thinking about it already breaks my heart. I care deeply about you enough that we should just put an end to this relationship as soon as possible so that we will not hurt gravely. It sucks that the most beautiful things come with a time limit that we wish we could manipulate by resetting it but we just can’t. You and I will be hurting once this is over but I hope you will cooperate with me and just leave the future to the past.


  • To the guy who I thought is finally going to become my husband, I saw what happened last night that my heart was shredded into piece leaving no traces of my love for you. I am a greatly relief that I was careful of my choices and that this happened before we walk in the altar and share our vows. Although it hurts me badly to break up with you, I can’t afford to hurt myself in the future for I have learned to love myself and I will for the world allow any worthless cheat to reduce my worth. I have realized now that maybe once a heart breaks, we should just let it be, for when it breaks it loses the purpose of loving someone until another heart grows from the ashes of a previous love. I will learn to un-love you and, you have my assurance, this will greatly please the future me.


  • Good morning, (name of your lover), let me tell you right now about what I feel for you by exercising the virtue of honesty. I have been cheating on you since this relationship started. I never find my contentment with you and I can sleep soundly for this action does not distract my conscience not until recently. I am sorry if it took me quite this long to tell you about this and for hurting you. I am not ready for a serious relationship and I hope you understand that. My only hope for you is may you find the right guy in the future who will never do the things I did to you. This will be my goodbye to you.


  • To the girl who made me feel the best man alive– or should I say the girl who made every guy in town feel the best man alive, I recently found out this malicious deeds of yours for weeks now and denied it for I love you enough to do so. This has happened a lot and my heart’s patience can only run so thin, I am leaving you for good because I am looking for someone who takes relationship seriously and does not make a fool of someone making them believed they are loved when they are not. You are the greatest regret of my life that I wish we never happened.


  • Like the flowers in a garden, the pleasant sights do not live long enough to enjoy the future they have imagined. I think we, too, do not get to live the future we wished to build together. This saddens me supremely for I thought you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Well, you really were for once but time has painted those moments gray and we can try our hardest to breathe them to life again but we’ll fail miserably. We both know that’s a fact no matter how much we deny it. I hope the gods argued about this wretched fate of ours but it really is useless now for there is nothing left to do but just be apart. My heart chooses to commit you into memory despite this break up.


  • Through this letter I want to express my feelings about our marriage and how foolish it was for both of us to rush into this. I have to tell you honestly that I am no longer happy with our relationship and have found someone better who is far more ideal for a wife. I feel so sorry for all of your sacrifices for me that has gone to waste and the unacknowledged sweet things that I had done naturally. Saying good bye would be the only way to make us both happy for I know you too well that you are never happy with me to start with. Let us not be too hard on ourselves, instead we should do ourselves a pleasure by signing the papers for annulment.


  • Breaking sincere hearts has always been a wont naturally developed, although I thought I swore to myself to put a stop in it for I finally found the girl I could build a family with. This time the tables have turned and you made me believe in Karma. I now know what it feels to be replaced with someone you can be happier with, even before the relationship comes to an end, and the pain it inflicts is too much even for heart made of steel. I am still thankful to you for this has taught me to remain true to our lovers. You will be a forever lesson I choose to remind myself daily. Thank you and goodbye.


  • From the sight of sunrise I was extremely happy for it brings hope and inspiration for people to become better, but it can only stay in the skies for too long. Eventually, it has to set and I am never fond of sunsets, although there is beauty that other people find in it. You have been the sun in my blue skies and I dread the feeling that you will be setting soon leaving my world shrouded in a long dark night. This relationship of ours, although I am regretful, needs to come to an end for we no longer feel what we used to feel. We can always fight for it but it will be a fight with a given result. I think it’s best if we just part than just continue to live in pretense that this will work out if we give it a time. Let us not give it a time and prevent the possible damages of our hearts from fighting for this relationship. Let this letter be our farewell.


  • To not know a thing about staying in a relationship for long because being with you makes me joyous just to find out what a joke it was for a lover only came along to rob what’s left of your love is the most awful thing that I have ever experienced. Sadly enough, I experienced this from you. I cried my heart out last night when I read the conversation you have with the guys you had hooked with. I am learning to value my worth and I choose not to be martyr for wanting a love which cannot be. I am looking for a relationship that builds instead of a relationship which results into a destruction to both.


  • What hurts more in a relationship than finding out you are no longer the happiness of your lover is when you are the victim of that circumstance. I am running out of tears when our love has just stopped and we continue to assume that there is still enough time for us to revive it when we are just both fooling around for we this is  hopeless case. We are a hopeless case. Let us stop this act of folly for we are now mature and just call it off for I care enough about your desires in life. Before things become worse and we start cheating, it is for our good to end it now than wait for the worst part to come. The ending will be unpleasant but it will be more unpleasant if we continue this. Let this relationship end now and look for the things we cannot find with this relationship. I hope you have a good life ahead.


  • I thought I had no share of the fact “Nothing good lasts forever”. Not until recently. I wish you had shown me your negative side from the start so I would not be hurting in the long run. I know now that I was living with your pretentious side for you had always been the most ideal guy that girls would hunt for. Before showing me this dark side of you, out of all people you should know better I don’t allow myself to be ordered around like I’m your slave. I am the type of girl who does not settle for less. It will be my greatest pleasure to leave you without traces of regrets in my heart.


  • I think it’s about time to tell you what my heart really wants for now. I was never ready from the start of this relationship yet I accepted you as my boyfriend out of pity from years of courtship. This was a mistake, ad honest to goodness I still am not ready for it. You have set some limits in my actions which restricts my happiness and you have been a hindrance in the growth of my career. Maybe we’ll meet again someday when we are both mature enough in the near future and be with each other again. This time we should let us allow ourselves to be busy with school projects, assignments, juvenile parties, and therapeutic session with cigars. Let us not be serious with this puppy love and let it go. Goodbye, lover.

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