Break Up Messages to Boyfriend

Break up messages to boyfriend portrays the trauma that the female counterpart of the relation is experiencing. It is a means to say that even if they are not together, his name will remain inscribed in her mind forever, till her last breath.

These messages manifest the painful state of mind that the girl is undergoing at the onset of the break up and it is often a futile attempt to restore the dismantled relationship.

Sample Break Up Messages to Boyfriend

  • You were the only happiness in my life. I can’t think of surviving a day without you. You shouldn’t have broken my heart dear! But I pray for you to be happy. Goodbye!
  • “I have a life, I must live and you are not a part”. Just saying these words break my fragile heart. But still I pray for your success and happiness. Goodbye my dear!
  • The sorrow that I bear in my heart. I can’t conceal. You have left me with a scar which no one can heal. You broke my heart, but I still want you to be cheerful. Goodbye my love!
  • Can you hear me when my heart cries out in a stabbing pain? Do you know each night, I dream about you? I miss you so much all the while. Miss you my dear. Goodbye!
  • You have made my heart shattered in two. But dear, remember that my love for you is true and I cannot live without you. But I will for all time want you to be happy. Goodbye dear!
  • You are the only man I had loved so much in my life and you left me alone. But I still love you until my last breath!  Goodbye dear!
  • [blockquote]You were the man I always dreamt of and your advent in my life made me feel extremely special and blessed as I knew that you are always going to be with me, may what come. Now that you have departed from my life I feel myself to be left with only a corporal entity without a soul.[/blockquote]
  • Whenever you called my name or held my hand I could feel that I am the most cosseted and pampered person in the world. You have left me deserted and I am still breathing in the remembrances of your love.
  • The term break up was a nightmare to me and I never expected that my man will part ways with me but now I realise that nothing is perpetual in this world.
  • My heart aches to bid you goodbye but I know I have to get out of your aura and tred the path of life alone without your support. I always wish that you be happy and successful in every sphere of life.

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