Break Up Messages

Break up messages are those messages which are written when a person quits from a relationship and writes a note to the other in the form of a message.

Generally, these messages are written by a partner of a love relationship to the other when he or she decides to walk out of the relationship.

Break up messages need not be very long or dragged; rather it is always better to keep them short in order to create a better impact. There is no particular format or method which has to be followed since such messages have to be casual and straight from the heart.

The following are a few types of break up messages whose sample can be found on this site:

  1. Sad break up messages
  2. Casual break up messages
  3. Angry break up messages


In case you are not being able to get words to write such a message, then the following few points can be extremely helpful for you:

  • Keep in mind that cooking stories or straying away from the topic will only complicate matters, so be direct and honest.
  • Frame these messages with the words that come from the heart.
  • End on a positive note to avoid any negativity.


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