Break Up Painful Messages

Break up messages are sent and exchanged at the time of breaking away of a relationship. Break up painful messages are the messages that are written with lots of pain and sad feelings.

These messages are the touching and the emotional messages that convey sender’s pain on breaking up. The messages are written with the use of polite words.

Sample Break Up Painful Messages

  • [blockquote]It is so painful to break away from a relationship that was so beautiful. I am just trying hard to live without you; can’t you see that I really love you?[/blockquote]
  • I cannot bear this pain, time and again. Let us finally do what is good for us and take a decision to break up. You live your way and let me define my identity from today.
  • I cannot describe the pain that I carry deep inside my heart. It is because you are not near but so apart. I miss you in everything and on this break up I am left with nothing.
  • I am so sad and painful. Can anybody help me in making my life beautiful? Your thoughts and remembrance makes me so sorrowful and I miss being in love that was so wonderful. 

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