Break Up Personal Messages

Break up personal messages are the personal messages that are exchanged between two people who faces break up of their personal relationship.

These messages are sent after the break up has been done. The messages can be sent out of anger, love, respect or any such feelings for the counterpart. Such messages are the private break up messages.

Sample Break Up Personal Messages

  • [blockquote]I just hate myself for loving you. I wish I knew that you are so mean and untrue. Now I hate you and everything in you and do not come to be to pretend that you are so true.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]The day when I met you was the worst day of my life. You have always made be bending instead of my rise. I would go for a break up and hence return you that gifted cup.[/blockquote]
  • Our break up is just like a broken mirror. The harder I try to fix it, the harder I would get hurt by it. You go your way and let me define my identity from today.
  • As we are breaking up, I will not cry for us. I will just smile and say to you thanks a lot for teaching me a lesson to have someone in life better than you. 

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