Break Up Relationship Messages

Break up relationship messages are those messages which a person writes to another in order to break up from a relationship. These messages are often send and received among couples but may also be written to break off from other relationships like friendship and others.

Any break up relationship message must be effective in conveying the fact that the sender wants to break up from the recipient and may or may not consist of the reason for breaking up. For your reference and help, we have given a few samples of break up relationship messages in the following lines.

Sample Break Up Relationship Messages

  • Our relationship has seen many highs and lows and we have stuck together through all of those. But today I feel that we should take a break from each other and break up. This break up will give us time to think and realize each other’s importance. Hope you understand and agree.

[blockquote]A relationship is made strong by two people who are involved in it and has to either remain stable or grow as the time passes. But our relationship has only grown weaker as the years passed. It is the right time to break up and say goodbye. So goodbye and have a good life.[/blockquote]

  • I always thought that I was the luckiest girl in the world to have a boyfriend like you, but you have finally proved me wrong. I feel disgusted at your actions and want to break up from this fake relationship. Goodbye and good luck.
  • You are not the person that you were a few years ago and I want to break up from you because this relationship isn’t working at all. Please let me go and never talk to me again.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]I am deeply hurt and saddened by your actions and words. You have wounded me in such a way that it is difficult to heal from the pain. I think I cannot take it again and it is best that you and I move on different ways from now onwards. Let’s break up.[/notice]

[blockquote]Some decisions are tough to take but show good results after a time. I am sure that breaking up will also bring in some good in our lives because we aren’t fit to be a couple.[/blockquote]

  • I want to break up from the pain, break up from the agony and the sadness. I want to break up with you.

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