Break Up SMS Text Messages

SMS text messages are those messages that are sent to people as text messages through mobile phones.

Break us sms text messages are such text messages that are exchanged between the people to convey that they are breaking up form their relationship.

Such messages are written differently and vary according to the sender’s situation and intention.

Sample Break Up SMS Text Messages

  • [blockquote]There are only two things that happen when you are in a relationship. Either your sail through and manage to get married or you end up having a break up. I believe the second one favored us. I have set you free. Good bye.[/blockquote]
  • I believe the best thing after loving you is to hate you. I never wanted to have a partner like you and I am glad I have got an opportunity to break up with you. Flew off and have a nice future.
  • You will never have my value unless you have a tear in your eyes. I want to give an opportunity to have this moment in your life. I am over loving you and I damn hate you. I want to break up and I regret the day when we really hooked up. Goodbye.

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