Break Up Text Messages Over

Break up text messages over are those text messages that a sender sends to his counterpart reader to inform her that the relationship between them is now over and they should mutually break up.

Such messages can be written both in a funny or a serious way. The messages can be either sent as sms text messages or in the form of any other text message.

Sample Break Up Text Messages Over

  • [blockquote]I may not be able to shower my love more on you. Because all the love that I did to you is ended form my side towards you. I want you to help me get over with this love and mutually set for a break up.[/blockquote]
  • When things do not work, we should not drag it to the core. It is better to give them a pause and let it get over. Our love life is going nowhere. I want be with you every time and everywhere. Let us break up and end up all the relationships we carry with us. Good luck for your future life.
  • [blockquote]I am messaging to let you know that I am over loving you. I have loved you with all I had, and you have always handled me so bad. I hate you and I have decided to have a break up with you.[/blockquote]

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