Break Up Text Messages to Boyfriend

Break up text messages to boyfriend are those messages which are written by a girl to break up from her boyfriend. These messages should be effective enough for the recipient to know about the intentions of the sender.

Break up text messages to boyfriend must be written in a clear, precise and brief way and should not extend over a length of 2 or 3 lines at the maximum.

For your reference, the following are a few samples of break up text messages to boyfriend.

Sample Break Up Text Messages to Boyfriend

  • Dear Sam, I have really tried hard to make this relationship work but unfortunately, it didn’t quite span out as we planned it to. I think we should end it here because there is no point putting efforts into something which is meaningless and has no future.
  • [blockquote]I have loved you so much all these years but suddenly I have started feeling that my love has gone in vain and that I haven’t received as much as I gave to you. I see no point in living this way with you and its better that we break up.[/blockquote]
  • I want to break up with you because with you I don’t feel loved, cared for or special. Hope you understand.
  • This relationship has always been about you. Be it your career, your family, your priorities etc. But there comes a point when a person becomes selfish and wants something out of a relationship too. I know you can’t give anything to me so I want to break up.
  • Everything in our relationship was great in the beginning but in the past few months, things started to change and become dull and boring. I think we should break up. Sorry for hurting you but this is really what I want.
  • My life will never be complete without you but even on knowing that, I want to put an end to this relationship. Hope we continue being friends. Sorry for breaking up but I think this decision is best for both of us.
  • Some relationships are just not meant to be and sadly ours is one of them. This is the best time for both of us to get separated and take a break to think what went wrong.
  • I think it is time that we stop being each other’s partners and move our separate ways. I will miss you and wish you good luck.

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