Breakup Messages for Cheating Partner

The major break up reason of a relationship is when someone is betrayed in the form of feeding his or her lust over someone who is just a stranger met in a random location or event, in short cheating. If you found out that your partner is a cheat and have been merely playing games with you then it’s about time┬áto put your relationship in an end.

This articles offers free usable sample break up messages or these may serve as a guide in composing one should you decide to finally just let everything go. You don’t want to sound very violent in this message, rather simply tell him or her the truth of how you feel about your lover exchanging a short-lived happiness over a lifetime of joy.

  • You know what, you could have just told me that you were no longer happy with rather than just cheat. My heart had turned into fragments upon knowing that you could do such acts. I probably was expecting too much of this relationship and, like the fool that I am, I only realized that no matter how hard you try to fight for something just for it to last, you only suffer and don’t get what you fight for. Today I set you free and may you never regret a thing about your actions. Farewell.
  • Seeing you last night naked with another woman in my apartment made me boil with anger and, trust me, I can get rid the grotesque image in my mind. It is not my style to throw your things outside and shout my feelings on top of my lungs for these deeds do not change what I had seen. If you could just pack all of your things and the memories, if possible, so I may let you go gracefully, that would be terrific. Goodbye and enjoy your life outside my house.
  • I have scrolled over your messages and I think you already know that there is no longer a need for explanations for everything I saw before my eyes were clearer than crystal. I won’t beg you to stay, but what I beg of you is to let me go gently.
  • I don’t have plans to further hurt my heart for I want to take care of myself rather than be in pained towards something worth letting go. There are things deserving of being kept and things a thousand times worthy of letting go, it’s sad that you belong to the latter.
  • I thought I have given you all that is to make you happy for you have convinced me I am the only who could grant you the happiness you desire. I believed all that until I saw you the happiest in the arms of a man I thought was my best friend. I have been betrayed by my lover and my best friend, and I don’t wish to live in a state of misery for I am with so much worth. Maybe it’s time for us to just forget the future that could never come to flesh.
  • Let me not raise my questions to what happened last night for everything I witnessed doesn’t deserve to be discussed. Let us not pretend we are happy in this relationship for the feeling is mutual. Let us part ways without ever looking back to the past with a potential of becoming into a happy ever after.

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