Breakup Messages for Friends

Break up messages for friends are the text messages that are generally exchanged between two friends for the breakdown of their healthy friendship. These types of messages should be framed with decent words and can be sent through SMS or mail.

Sample Break up Messages for Friends

  • I feel spellbound digesting the fact that the friendship that lasted for 6 years can end in a sigh of 6 minutes! Destiny had to make us apart and so we are on our separate ways. Goodbye friend!
  • [blockquote]I thought our friendship was never like the one that could end after an argument, but a one that is incomplete without fights. Well thanks for proving me wrong at a right time. Farewell![/blockquote]
  • One of the worst solitude of life is to be a destitute of such a sincere and a healthy friendship. Time to face the time! Goodbye buddy!
  • A friend like you was truly hard to find, unforgettable to be with, difficult to leave and Alas! Impossible to forget.
  • No matter how strong or weak our friendship was, it should never be buried under the weight of misunderstandings. Misunderstandings this time has overpowered our bond and hence let cut this bond. Goodbye!

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