Emotional Break up Messages

Breaking up with a person is always tough, however long or short the relationship might be. It’s not just a few words, their effects are very deep.

Very few people can grasp this concept. Many break up without realizing that the other person might still be in love and would not want to break up.

Therefore, emotional break up messages should not be hurtful or demeaning to the other person in anyway.

Sample Emotional Break up Messages

  • I had always thought our relationship would be different; we would be able to respect each other’s work and give each other enough time and space. But it seems, over the months we have slowly forgotten each other’s requirements. It is better for us to go in our own ways and let’s not create anymore trouble for each other.
  • [blockquote]When you came to pick me up from office every evening and drop me every morning, I thought you were just willing to meet me. [/blockquote]Before I knew it, the protectiveness accelerated into possessiveness and then transformed itself to oppressiveness. This is where I draw a line. I would like to get my long lost freedom back and from now on I am single again.
  • When your calls, messages etc. became irregular, I thought that you might want a bit more space in the relationship. Now that you do not call at all, I realize you do not need the relationship anymore. But, I wish you would just tell that to me that we are no longer together.

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