Examples of Break Up Messages

Examples of break up messages are part of what a lot of people look for when on the verge of separating from somebody they once loved.

Examples of Break Up Messages

Sometimes it is hard to find the right words to end a relationship and it can be really painful to let go so having an idea about what you should say it is helpful.

Assuming the Blame

Assuming the blame

When you say” It’s not you, it’s me” it does not mean you assume the responsibility for the ending of the relationship.  Still you can do that by saying: “ It’s not something you did, I am just not able to carry on”.

You can also say “ I made amess of things and I want to end it” or” I am not right for you regardless of what you think”.

Own it

Own it

The same way you own a house or a car, own the fact you are ending a relationship. Be honest and you won’t be blamed so hard. Say ” I don’t want to be with you anymore. It is this simple”, “ It’s hard but we must end it” or ” This is it no matter how much it hurts”.

Be Careful about the Reasons

Be careful about the reasons

If you want to give a clear break up message choose your words carefully as reasons are concerned. Say ”We cannot be together because I don’t love you anymore” or” I don’t see us going anywhere so let’s better end things now” or simply “ I cannot spend my life waiting for this to get better”.

Avoid Always and Forever

Avoid always and forever

If you want to be fair while initiating a break up avoid the words that are usually associated with love. Don’t say “ I will hate you forever” or “ I will always remember you did this to me” but rather focus of what you feel now.

Tell him or her “ We cannot be , we are too different”, “ This relationship hurts more that it is supposed to do so let’s end it” or “ Let’s not complicate things further because we are far from having a future together”.

It is your right

It is your right

In spite of the fact that break up is always painful you have the right to initiate it with a message because it is your happiness at stake.

Say” It is my choice not to be with you anymore”, “ You make me feel uncomfortable with being myself around you so we no longer belong together”  or if you are looking for examples of break up messages you can always choose to go for “

There is nothing left between you and me and I would rather prefer for us to be happy apart than miserable together”.

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