Friendship Break Up Message

Friendship break up messages are the messages that are exchanged between two friends on shattering of their beautiful world of friendship.

Such types of messages are formulated with a purpose to let either of the friends know about the extent of friendship they shared and a mutual break down of the bond thereafter.

Sample Friendship Break up Messages

  • I cannot believe that you could do this to me. Being with a friend like you was the best thing to be. You have broken me and my heart, it is better if we now stay apart. Good bye and I hate you.
  • Let us take a mutual decision to break this friendship as I do not want to remain in any kind of dishonest relationships. I am not getting what I expect from you, I cannot bear the fact that my dearest friend is so untrue. Good bye.
  • I am sure that I will do better without you. It is better to have 2 good friends than to have one best friend like you. I have always valued you but it never mattered to you. I hate you and I am breaking this friendship with you.
  • By your acts, you have forced me to hate you. I am glad that we have ended this namesake friendship. Goodbye!
  • I am shocked to see your behavior last night and have decided to bring this friendship to an end. Good bye and never try to meet me or call me.
  • I am really hurt with whatever you said last night. The friendship is over and I do not want to be in contact with you anymore. Good bye.
  • [blockquote]Our friendship was such in which you and I looked back at the tears and laughed! Time has rolled and without you I never knew I would look back at the laughter and cry! Goodbye buddy![/blockquote]
  • I met many people who forget me, I thereafter met many people whom I forgot but since the time I met you and you left I can never forget but just regret!
  • [blockquote]Nothing more dreadful can happen to me that you doubting me. Doubt separate souls and here we stand with the world of our own! Farewell.[/blockquote]
  • Friend, you were really special to me, why did you let this friendship free? Adieu!
  • Our friendship was never to be counted on hours or days because we carried it in our own special ways! Now when it is gone, I feel I have none! Goodbye buddy!

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