Friendship Break Up Messages

Friendship is a beautiful bond of companionship between two or more people. Friendship break up messages are the messages that a sender sends to his friend at the time of breaking up of their friendship bond.

These messages are usually the sad or the emotional friendship breakup messages, but can sometimes be written and framed in a non-polite tone.

Sample Friendship Break Up Messages

  • My heart is filled with sadness on shattering of such a beautiful bond of friendship. I have always searched you in any type of happiness, complains or hardship. Goodbye buddy!
  • [blockquote]I never knew that time would roll like this and would snatch away our friendship. I met many people in my life, but you were the one who always made me rise. I am going to miss you buddy! Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • I wish I was aware that you were such a fake friend of me. I hate myself for being so nice to you every time you seek. Get lost!
  • I have never thought in my life that a friend like you can doubt me. I have nothing more to say, hear or see. Goodbye forever.
  • Dear friend, I am tired making you understand. I though you would stand by my side in any types of rises and bends. Our friendship has come to an end. Goodbye friend.

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