Funniest Break Up Messages

Break up messages can be sent and framed in variety of ways such as funny, sad, emotional, touching etc. Funniest break up messages are the funny or the humorous messages that are sent at the time of breaking away of a relationship.

These messages might be sent to cheer up the reader on his break up.

Sample Funniest Break Up Messages

  • The way we met was a funny incident. And the way we are breaking away would be a funniest day.
  • [blockquote]I doubt if you have ever loved me? Well I doubt myself for the same thing too. I wonder why are we breaking away when we did not really entered in to a relationship one fine day.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Your love to me was not just a love but a funniest presence all above. I am so glad that in our entire relationship we just held hands. Goodbye and enjoy![/blockquote]
  • Do you know what the funniest aspect of this break is up? It is you, me and the love that existed between us.
  • I am not sad but so glad. Our break up was done is a funniest way because either of us did not ask to stay.

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