Funny Break Up Messages

Break ups are immensely tough to deal with as they signal the end of a relationship into which trust, effort and tears have been invested.

However, by making light of a grim situation, some of the pain associated with break ups can be alleviated. Hence funny breakup messages can ease some of the sadness without being offensive or insensitive in any way.

Sample Funny Break Up Messages

  • [blockquote]It is a wonder how we lasted as long as we did. Even the optimists had given up on us. The ill will of all our friends who bet on us not lasting even a year has finally caught up with us. [/blockquote]It’s time to say goodbye but we can always take pride in belying expectations!!
  • [blockquote]Now that we are finally breaking up, we must divide our assets. While you get the broken porch chair, I get the dog-eared books. Let there be no dearth of fanfare and let no one complain we didn’t keep to the rules!![/blockquote]
  • Now that we cannot bicker over wet towels and scattered pillows, life is going to be hard. However, if you ever feel a sense of regret about our breakup, you only have to remember the time I burnt your presentation by mistake. It will surely make up your mind for you!
  • Well we are finally breaking up with you glowering at me. Whoever said breaking up was easy, was wrong. It takes only an irate girlfriend, and her blood thirsty dog to hammer home the repercussions of a breakup.

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