Funny Break Up Text Messages

Break up text messages are the text messages that are sent to convey final break up from the particular relationship, stating purpose and situation.

The messages can be written in a funny or a serious way. Such messages when written is a funny way becomes funny break up text messages. These messages do not hurt the reader on break up and in turn cheer them up,

Sample Funny Break Up Text Messages

  • You know something funny is soon going to happen with you. I have started hating you and thought of having a break up with you. You are a free bird now. Goodbye.
  • [blockquote]I am gifting you a rocket on our break up day. You know why? Just sit on it and get lost forever. I really regret all those days when we were together.[/blockquote]
  • I am happy that we are finally apart and I will have an opportunity to live with all of my heart. You were always a funniest part of life and I always knew that I can never make you my wife.
  • You wanted me to gift something on our break up right? I have bought an airplane for you. Board it, sit on it and get lost forever.

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